In 2015, Twitter had 645 million users, 100 million of them log into the service daily, making on average 58 million tweets per day, and up to 9K tweets are tweeted each and every second. Do you wonder what kind of an app could withstand such load? If you do, then this project is your chance to learn an answer.

EduMsg (pronounced Edu Message) is an open source microblogging platform targeted to teaching undergraduate computer science students the internals of a typical highly scalable applications.

With the rising popularity of cloud computing, the inner workings of such sophisticated applications are more and more being shielded by higher level APIs. The goal of EduMsg is to expose computer science students to the underlying technologies. While working on EduMsg, students learn about distributed databases, Redis, mem cached, message queues, load balancing, N/B IO, farms, thread/connection pooling, XML, JSON, SOAP, and many more concepts, techniques and technologies.

EduMsg has been initially developed by MET students in the German University in Cairo, Egypt. The software is open to all to contribute for the better education of computer science students around the world.

Wael Aboulsaadat.


EduMsg aims to be a platform for learning technologies used to process huge volume of transactions. EduMsg is intentionally cloud unaware to expose students to the guts of highly scalable apps. Never the less, students are encouraged to learn about cloud concepts, architecture, and patterns to enhance their design skills and knowledge of scalable systems.
Being educational in nature, EduMsg will feature additional tools that aid learning and understanding of large scale apps and services.


EduMsg is made available under the OSI-approved MIT license. Click here for the license text.